Energy is used to clear obstacles on your farm and in the exploration maps. 

Skyyberry Island is free-to-play. Optionally, you can purchase Energy packs to help speed up your progress.

There are many ways to obtain Energy in the game:

  • Complete quests.
  • Level up.
  • Use the Ice Cream Maker to turn Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cherries into Energy.
  • Use the Smoothie Mixer or the Candy Factory to turn fruits you find while exploring into Energy.
  • Complete orders in the Order Board and unlock the reward gift boxes.
  • Energy refills by itself. Earning 1 Energy every 90 seconds.
  • Open chests and treasures found while exploring
  • Trade loot you find with Lenny. 
  • ... more watts to get Energy are coming soon.


Skyberry Island is free to play, and all features are available free of charge.